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South Dakota

Chapter 10.01     Satellite Cable Service

10.0101     Scotland Community Antenna Television Franchise

The City of Scotland hereby grants a franchise to Satellite Cable Services, Inc., a South Dakota Corporation, its successors and assigns, to erect, own, operate, and maintain a community antenna television system in the City of Scotland; setting forth conditions accompanying the grant of franchise and providing for city regulation and use of the community antenna television system.

10.0102     Definitions

The following terms, words, and their derivations shall have the meaning given herein. When not inconsistent with the context, words used in present tense include the future, words in the plural number include the singular number, and words in the singular number include the plural number. The word “shall” is always mandatory and not merely directory.

Shall mean the City of Scotland, South Dakota.

City Council
Shall mean the City Council of Scotland, South Dakota.

Cable Television System, Cable System or CATV
Shall mean a system utilizing coaxial cable and certain electronic and other components which delivery to subscribing members of the public various communications services.

Shall mean Federal Communications Commission

Shall mean any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation or organization of any kind and any other legally recognized entity.

Shall mean Satellite Cable Services II, Inc or its successor in accordance with the provisions of this franchise.

Are those persons contracting to receive cable television reception services furnished under this franchise by grantee.

Cable Television Reception Service
Shall mean the simultaneous delivery by the grantee to television receivers or any other suitable type of audio-video communications receivers of the signals of over-the-air television broadcast situations licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and authorized to be carried over said system; and such additional closed-circuit channels at the option of Grantee.