Chapter 10.13     Limitations of Rights Granted

10.1301          Franchise Rights Limitations

1)    All transmission and distribution structures, lines and equipment erected by the Grantee with the City shall be so located as to cause minimum interference with the proper use of streets, alleys, and other public ways and places, and to cause minimum interference with the rights and reasonable convenience of property owners who join any of the said streets, alleys, or other public ways and places, and said poles or fixtures shall be removed by Grantee whenever, in the opinion of the City Council of the City of Scotland the same restrict or obstruct the operation or location of any future streets or public places in the City of Scotland.

2)    All transmission and distribution structures, lines, and equipment erected by the Grantee within the City shall be located, erected, and maintained so as not to endanger or interfere with the lives of persons, or to interfere with any installation of the City or of a public utility serving the City, or to interfere with new improvements the City may deem proper to make.

3)    In the maintenance and operation of their television transmission and distribution system in the street, alleys, and other public places, and in the course of any new construction or addition to their facilities, Grantees shall proceed so as to cause the least possible inconvenience to the general public; any opening or obstruction in the streets or other public places made by Grantees in the course of their operations shall be guarded and protected at all times by the placement of adequate barriers, fences, or boardings, the bounds of which, during periods of dusk and darkness, shall be clearly designated by warning lights.

4)    In case of disturbance of any street, sidewalk, alley, public way, or paved area, the Grantee shall, at its own costs and expense and in manner approved by the City Council, replace and restore such street, sidewalk, alley, public way, or paved area in as good a condition as before the work involving such disturbance was done.

5)    If at any time during the period of this franchise the City shall lawfully elect to alter or change the grade of any street, sidewalk, alley or other public way, the Grantee, upon reasonable notice by the City, shall remove, relay, and relocated its poles, wires, cables, underground conduits, manholes, and other fixtures at its own expense.

6)    All installations of equipment shall be of permanent nature, durable, and installed in accordance with good engineering practices, and of sufficient height to comply with all existing City regulations, ordinances, and state laws so as to interfere in any manner with the right of the public or individual property owner, and any equipment installed in a public way or place shall not interfere with the usual travel on such public way or usual use of such public place by the public and during the construction, repair, or removal thereof, shall not obstruct or impede traffic.

7)    The Grantee shall, on the request of any person holding a building moving permit issued by the City, temporarily raise or lower its wires to permit the moving of buildings. The expense of such temporary removal or raising or lowering of wires shall be paid by the person requesting the same, and the Grantee shall have the authority to require such payment in advance. The Grantee shall be given not less than forty-eight (48) hours advance notice to arrange for such temporary wire changes.

8)    The Grantee shall have the authority to trim trees overhanging upon the streets, alleys, sidewalks and public ways and places of the City so as to prevent the branches of such trees from coming in contact with the wires and cables of the Grantee, except that at the option of the City, such trimming may be done by it or under its supervision and direction at the expense of the Grantee

9)    In all sections of the City where the cables, wires or other like facilities of public utilities are placed underground, the Grantee shall in the future place its wires, cables or other like facilities underground to the maximum extent that existing technology reasonably permits the Grantee to do so.

10)  Grantee shall, at its expense, protect, support, temporarily disconnect, relocate on the same street, alley or public place, or remove from the street, alley or public place, any property of Grantee when required by the City by reason of traffic conditions, public safety, street vacation, freeway and street construction, change or establishments of street grade, installation of sewers, drains, waterpipes, power lines, signal lines, and tracks of any other agencies when acting in a governmental or proprietary capacity, or other structure of public improvement; provided, however, that grantee shall in all such cases have the privileges to abandon any property of Grantee in place as hereinafter provided.

11)  In the event that the use of any part of the system is discontinued for any reason for a continuous period of twelve (12) months, or in the event such systems or property have been installed in any street or public place without complying with the requirements of this ordinance, or the rights granted hereunder have been terminated, canceled or have expired, Grantee shall promptly remove from the streets, or public places all such property and poles of such system other than any which the City may permit to be abandoned in place. In the event of such removal, Grantee shall promptly restore the street or other area from which such property has been removed to a condition satisfactory to the City.

12)  Any property of Grantee to be abandoned in place shall be abandoned in such a manner as the City may prescribe. Upon permanent abandonment of the property of Grantee in place, it shall submit to the City an instrument to be approved by the City, transferring to the City the ownership of such property.

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