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South Dakota

Chapter 11.06     Accumulation of Refuse and Abatement Thereof

11.0601     Killing and Dressing Plants of Fowl

The places or premises of excessive accumulations of garbage and rubbish, such as killing and dressing plants for fowl, are to be excluded from the service provided by the City Garbage Department, and such accumulations shall then be removed and disposed of at the expense of the owner or person having same in charge shall secure from the City Health Department a written permit for removal and disposal of same.

Said permit shall be issued only after the Health Officer has satisfied himself/herself that the licensee is capable of complying with the requirements of this chapter.  The permit may be revoked by the City Health Officer when deemed necessary to the public welfare.

11.0602     Heavy Accumulations of Concrete, Ashes, Sand/Gravel, Automobile Frames, and Other Bulky Heavy Materials

Heavy accumulations, such as broken concrete, ashes, sand or gravel, automobile frames, and other bulky heavy materials shall be disposed of at the expense of the owner or person controlling same under the direction of the City Health Officer.

11.0603     Disposal of Animal Waste

Manure from cattle lots, horse stables, poultry yards, pigeon lofts, and other animal or fowl pens, shall be removed and disposed of at the expense of the persons controlling the same in the manner and by the method directed by the City Health Officer.