South Dakota

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Chapter 6.04      Truck Route     

6.0401     Designated Truck Route  

                The following streets are designated Truck Route Streets.
                (a) 4th Street (Highway 25) from the north city limits to the south city limits.
                (b) Washington Street between 4th Street and the west city limits
                (c) Curry Street between Washington Street and Main Street
                (d) Railway Street between Main Street and Dollard Street
                (e) Dollard Street between 4th Street and Railway Street.

6.0402     Vehicles Required to Utilize Truck Route  

                All vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 20,000 lbs. or more must use the designated truck route and it shall be unlawful for any said vehicle to be driven or parked upon any other public street or alleyway within the City limits of Scotland, South Dakota, other than those designated as part of the truck route established herein.  Vehicles making truck cargo deliveries to Scotland businesses or residences may leave the designated truck routes for purposes of making deliveries or pickups, and shall leave and enter truck routes by the shortest possible route.  School Buses are exempt.

                All freight and stock trucks shall be parked in the City, only at such places as have been marked and designated by the Chief of Police for such parking, and shall in any case be parked parallel with the curb; provided however that this section shall not apply to light delivery trucks delivering goods from house to house and place to place.

6.0499     Penalties  

                Violations of 6.04 shall be a misdemeanor and upon adjudication of guilt the driver of any vehicles violating this ordinance shall be fined up to one hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence.