Chapter 7.01     Parks and Grounds

7.0101     Park Supervisors

The Mayor and the City Council of the City of Scotland shall be and are hereby constituted as the Board of Park Supervisors for the City of Scotland.

7.0102     Defacing Park Properties

Any person who shall deface, mar, injure, break into or in any way interfere with any building or structure, or other property situated in any park belonging to the City of Scotland, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

7.0103     Protection of Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

Any person who shall climb any tree, cut, break, pluck, root up, or in any way disturb any trees, flowers, shrubs or other plants whatever, planted or growing in any public park or other public ground without the express authority of the board of  Park Supervisors, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

7.0104     Rubbish

It shall be unlawful for any person to throw or deposit or cause to be thrown or deposited any paper, tin cans, rubbish or offal of any kind in any such public park or in or about any place set apart for swimming or body of water or stream within or adjoining any park in the City of Scotland and under the control of the Park Supervisors of said city, except in receptacles properly designated as depositories for such refuse or rubbish.

7.0105     Parking

It shall be unlawful for any person to lead or drive any horses or other animals or fowl or any vehicle or motor vehicle over or upon any of the grass plots or planting space of any public park, except at such places as may be provided for the parking of the same.

7.0106     Selling of Merchandise in Park Places

It shall be unlawful for any person to do any peddling or to sell or offer for sale any goods, ware or merchandise in any of the public parks of the City of Scotland, unless such person has been granted written permission for such purpose by the Board of Park Supervisors.

7.0107     Rosehill Cemetery

          1)  No graves may be redug or reopened without first notifying and receiving permission to do so from the City Sexton of the

               City of Scotland, South Dakota.

          2)  Only one grave marker will be allowed above the ground per grave.

          3)  More than one ground marker will be allowed per grave providing that the ground marker is flush with the ground.

          4)  The City Sexton will be notified prior to setting of all markers, whether they be ground markers or markers which protrude

               above the ground.

          5)  Flowers may be set by the graves; however the flowers shall be in close proximity to the headstone, and in holders

               provided for that purpose at the grave.

          6)  No glass shall be allowed on or near the grave at any time.

          7)  No individual shall plant trees, plants, or shrubs on the gravesites.

          8)  No individual shall plant trees, plants, or shrubs within the confines of the City Cemetery without the written permission of

                the City Sexton.

          9)  An item not permanently attached to the Memorial Stone needs to be removed from the gravesite with the exception

               during Memorial Day weekend.  That includes but not limited to the following: all ornaments, shepherd’s hooks, and other

               hardware that is not permanently attached to the Memorial Stone.



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