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The regular meeting of the City of Scotland was called to order by Mayor Curtis Hofer at 5:09pm on Monday, November 6, 2017. The following council members answered to roll call Randy Thum, H. Victor Settje, Ron Dvorak, and Sean Barrett.  Those council members absent were Joe Bouza and Tim Asche. Others present were Finance Officer Tanya Bult, City Maintenance Employees Bob Green and Jason Alberts, and Peggy Schelske.  

A motion was made by Dvorak, second by Thum to approve the agenda. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Barrett, second by Dvorak to approve the minutes of last month’s meeting. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

The bills were presented and a motion was made by Thum, second by Settje to approve the bills.  All voted in favor. Motion carried.

City Bills Presented By:
AFLAC     Employee Insurance     $373.51
AMAZON/SYNCB     Library Books     $532.23
ARAMARK     CareGuard Mats: October     $50.00
AUDIO EDITIONS     Library Audio Books     $599.48
AXON ENTERPRISE, INC     Taser Battery/Cartridge     $145.80
B-Y WATER DISTRICT     6,222,000 Gallons     $19,405.20
BEHL INSURANCE AGENCY     Finance Officer Bond     $525.00
BOB GREEN     Reimburse: Hwy Light Bulbs     $232.90
CENTRAL FARMERS COOP     Tire Repair & Diesel     $181.00
CHASE PEST SERVICE     Pest Control: City & Fire Hall     $120.00
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Council & Mayor     $3,001.39
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Finance Office     $2,002.45
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Library     $699.10
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Police     $2,592.05
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Rubble Site     $475.31
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Sewer     $1,427.55
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Streets     $1,689.93
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Water     $869.69
DAKOTA DATA SHRED     Equipment Rental     $15.00
DEREK PEDERSEN     Reissue Lost Ck# 121640     $466.83
FISCHER ELECTRIC     Flush Camper Outlet     $115.01
FLOWERS & MORE     Maintenance of City Planters     $575.00
GOLDEN WEST COMMUNICATIONS     Phone, Internet, and Fax     $432.03
IRS     Employee Withholding     $3,744.55
KENT LEHR     Attorney Fees     $347.80
KIRK MCCORMICK     Reimburse: Cell Phone      $50.00
LISA K JAMES     Water Deposit Refund     $100.00
MAIN STOP     Gasoline     $360.34
MICHAEL TODD & COMPANY     Snow Plow Blades     $2,990.84
MYERS SANITATION     Residential Garbage Service     $4,877.75
NORTHWESTERN ENERGY     Electricity / Natural Gas     $5,168.44
ONE OFFICE     Police & Finance Office Supplies     $268.49
SCOTLAND HARDWARE     Repairs/Maint & Supplies     $167.58
SCOTLAND JOURNAL     Notices & Ads     $174.14
SCOTLAND OIL COMPANY     Gasoline, Diesel, Washer Nozzle     $559.60
SCOTTIE STOP     Gasoline     $139.14
SD CHILD SUPPORT     Monthly Payment     $679.38
SD DEPT OF REVENUE - SALES TAX     Sales Tax - Garbage, Camping     $404.84
SD DEPT OF REVENUE - WATER SAMPLE     Samples - Water      $211.00
SD DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION     Paint City Streets of Scotland     $544.78
SD MUNICIPAL LEAGUE     2018 Annual Membership Dues     $989.53
SD ONE CALL     Line Locates - September     $15.68
SD POLICE CHIEFS ASSOCIATION     2018 Membership Dues     $96.18
SD RETIREMENT     Employee Retirement     $1,504.45
SDML WORKERS COMPENSATION     2018 Workers Comp     $7,443.00
SIOUX FALLS TWO WAY RADIO     Police Truck Radio     $80.99
SUPPLEMENTAL RETIREMENT     Supplemental Employee Retirement     $680.00
TYNDALL NAPA     Oil, Bulbs, Air Filters     $582.55
VERIZON     Police Mobile Broadband     $40.01
WELLMARK BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD     Employee Health Insurance     $3,475.00

Ambulance Bills Presented By:
AMBILL ASSOC     Claims: 8     $280.00
AMBULANCE WAGES     On Call / Trips     $541.79
IRS     Employee Withholding     $91.19
JIM MARUSKA     Reimburse: Mileage & Meal     $53.88
RETTEDAL'S DEPT STORE     EMT Coats     $558.00

S.A.A. Bills Presented By:
NORTHWESTERN ENERGY     Electric     $77.93

Finance Officer’s Report - In October twenty-seven notices of intent to disconnect service letters were mailed out with none being disconnected. October Building Permits: Kristy Furney, Addition to Garage Shop.  The City Office will be closed Friday, November 10th in observance of Veterans Day. Copies were also handed out inviting the council to attend the town hall meeting on Monday, November 20th at 6pm and the parade of lights on Saturday, December 2nd at 5:30pm.

Chief of Police Report - Traffic Enforcement - Speed: 4; Other: 3. Responded to - Theft: 1; Crash: 3; Juvenile: 1; Animal: 1; Medical: 2; Traffic: 1; Assault: 1. Reports - Crash: 2; Assault: 1; Code Enforcement: 1. Arrests - None.  Code Enforcement - Opened: 0. Closed: 3. Citation: 2. Other - Fingerprints; Taser and Firearms Training.

City Maintenance Employee Report - Cut 30 dead trees out of the cemetery with about 20 more needed to be taken down. Berndt Stump Removal will be grinding out about 40-45 stumps at the cemetery. Weather permitting Bob and Jason will be attending classes for certification hours in Sioux Falls on November 14-16 for water distribution certification and on December 5-7 for wastewater collection and stabilization pond certification.

Council Concerns/Committee Reports:
Settje - Would the city be willing to sell wood from the rubble site. Must be declared surplus first.
Dvorak - None
Barrett - None
Thum - Compliments regarding the alleys with the crushed concrete.

Housing Commission Update - Sean Barrett on behalf of the housing commission gave a brief update. The three bedroom house is here and has been set with garage currently being added on. This house will be sold to a qualified buyer. They are ready to set two additional two bedroom homes in mid-November. These units will be rented. All homes are estimated to be move-in-ready by the beginning of December.

Recreation Area Bathroom - Discussion was tabled to next months meeting.

Liquor License 2018 Renewals - The licenses up for renewal now are the VFW (retail on-sale liquor), the Recreation Bar (retail on-sale and off-sale package liquor), and the Main Stop (retail off-sale wine) the license period of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018. A motion was made by Settje, second by Dvorak to approve the liquor license renewals for VFW, Recreation Bar, and the Main Stop for the year 2018. All voted in favor.  Motion carried.

City Health Insurance - Wellmark of South Dakota has a 1.5% increase from $694.99 per eligible employee in 2017 to $705.44 per eligible employee in 2018. A motion was made by Thum, second by Settje to approve the employee health insurance rates. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

City Work Comp Insurance - Currently city work comp insurance is with South Dakota Municipal League Worker’s Compensation Pool. The rates increased slightly from $8,348 to $8,424 but the city received a size discount credit, renewal credit, and return on equity credit to bring the billing to $7,443. A motion was made by Thum, second by Dvorak to approve the renewal coverage with the SDML Pool. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Fire Department Bell - The fire dept. would like to possibly incorporate the old fire bell into their sign to be place out front of the new fire hall. A motion was made by Barrett, second by Thum to allow the fire dept. to move the old bell if they choose to incorporate it into their new sign project. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

City Flower Pots - A motion was made by Barrett, second by Settje to have Flowers & More fill the Main Street flower pots for the holidays costing $43.50 per planter. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

First Reading Finance Regulations - With the recommendation from legislative audit a finance regulations ordinance was presented. The ordinance includes: revenues and special funds, record retention and destruction, contract or purchase authority of the finance officer and department heads, and emergency contract or purchases. A motion was made by Barrett, second by Thum to approve the first reading with no changes noted. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

First Reading Personnel Policies - The personnel policies were last revised in November 2003. With the suggestions from the municipal league, city liability insurance, and work comp insurance I have added some additions, they are as follows: sexual harassment/discrimination, ADA, public relations, city property, recordings, safety rules, accident reporting and investigation, personal appearance, computer and internet, blogging and social networking, FMLA leave, and an acknowledgment form. A motion was made by Barrett, second by Dvorak to approve the first reading of the personnel policies with the addition to recognize and observe all 10 state holidays and all other days proclaimed as legal non-working holidays by the President of the U.S. or the Governor of S.D. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

First Reading Transient Merchants & Peddlers - With the recommendation from department of revenue due to the concern that the city may not be collecting all sales tax through sales in city limits it was suggested to verify South Dakota sales tax licenses with each seller. With this ordinance any transient merchants, peddlers, and/or solicitors will be required to fill out an application and pay a fee of $25 at the finance office prior to being able to solicit orders or to sell property or services door to door. A motion was made by Barrett, second by Thum to approve the first reading with no changes noted. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Pitney Bowes Lease Agreement - Pitney Bowes rates slightly decreased from $194.10 quarterly to $167.34 quarterly due to increased mail volume in the city office. A motion was made by Settje, second by Thum to approve the 60 month lease agreement. All voted in favor. Motion Carried.

Set meeting date for the December Meeting - The meeting will be on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 5:00pm.

With no further business to discuss a motion was made by Thum, second by Dvorak to adjourn the meeting at 5:48pm. All voted in favor. Motion carried.                                                                              

                                                                                                                Cutis Hofer, Mayor         

                   Tanya Bult, Finance Officer