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The regular meeting of the City of Scotland was called to order by Mayor Curtis Hofer at 5:00pm on Monday, October 7, 2019. The following council members answered to roll call Tim Asche, Victor Settje, Dennis Bietz, Randy Thum, Sean Barrett and Randy Abbink (5:06pm). Others present were Finance Officer Tanya Bult, City Maintenance Bob Green, Chief of Police Joel Neuman, Jim Maruska, Pam Settje, Mary Jo Bauder, Peggy Schelske,  and Brenda Iwan (5:48pm).

A motion was made by Bietz, second by Asche to approve the agenda. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Thum, second by Bietz to approve the minutes of last month’s regular meeting. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

The bills were presented and a motion was made by Thum, second by Barrett to approve the bills. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

City Bills Presented By:
AFLAC     Employee Insurance     $269.77
AMAZON/SYNCB     Library Books, Supplies     $304.27
ARAMARK     CareGuard Mats - September     $47.59
B-Y WATER DISTRICT     5,416,000 Gallons     $16,906.60
CHASE PEST SERVICE     Pest Control - City Hall, Fire Hall     $120.00
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Finance Office     $2,353.83
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Library     $1,070.32
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Police     $2,961.29
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Rubble Site     $518.07
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Streets     $2,047.93
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Water     $1,497.42
CITY OF SCOTLAND     Water Deposit Refund     $175.00
EMBROIDERY PLUS     Police Logo Shirts (12ct)     $194.50
FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK     ACH Fees - September     $19.76
FISCHER ELECTRIC     Light Repair - Park     $271.26
GALLS, LLC     Police Supplies     $766.23
GOLDEN WEST COMMUNICATIONS     Phone, Internet, Fax     $574.18
IRS     Employee Withholding     $3,185.11
JASON ALBERTS     Reimburse: Cell Phone September     $50.00
JOEL NEUMAN     Reimburse: Cell (Jan-Sept), Car Wash (2)     $472.00
MAIN STOP     Gasoline     $303.32
MYERS SANITATION     Residential Garbage Service     $4,884.75
NORTHWESTERN ENERGY     Electricity, Natural Gas     $5,582.10
PITNEY BOWES LLC     Postage Machine Lease     $167.34
SCOTLAND HARDWARE     Repairs/Maint & Supplies     $98.20
SCOTLAND JOURNAL     Notices, Ads     $363.29
SCOTLAND OIL COMPANY     Gasoline, Diesel     $701.05
SCOTLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT     City 1/2 Wood Chips (Park)     $1,725.50
SD ASSOCIATION OF RURAL WATER     Annual Dues - Class B Member     $485.00
SD CHILD SUPPORT     Monthly Payment     $679.38
SD DEPT OF REVENUE - SALES TAX     Sales Tax: Pool, Garbage, Camping     $646.42
SD DEPT OF REVENUE - WATER SAMPLE     Samples: Water     $89.00
SD RETIREMENT     Employee Retirement     $1,734.14
TRANSOURCE TRUCK & EQUIPMENT     Payloader Repair     $1,543.82
TYNDALL NAPA     Supplies     $149.86
US BANK TRUST     Loan:  Drinking Water     $2,791.53
US BANK TRUST     Loan:  Clean Water     $10,523.60
VERIZON     Police Mobile Broadband     $40.01
VISION SERVICE PLAN     Employee Vision Insurance     $34.84
WELLMARK BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD     Employee Health Insurance     $2,406.96

Ambulance Bills Presented By:
AMBILL ASSOCIATES     Claims: August (8)     $280.00
AMBULANCE WAGES     On Call / Trips     $871.77
CITY OF SCOTLAND     Trip - Joel     $20.00
FLOWERS & MORE     Plant - Bertrand Service     $40.00
IRS     Employee Withholding     $148.73
LANDMANN JUNGMAN MEM HOSP     Trip - Nurse     $40.00
SCOTLAND FIRE DEPARTMENT     1/2 Generator 45 KW     $11,682.25

Finance Officer’s Report - In September, 17 notices of intent to disconnect service letters were mailed with none being disconnected. Bult is attending weekly FEMA meetings regarding the damaged roads due to the flooding. Bult questioned if she should set out bids for the Chip Seal Repair on those damaged roads with work completed in the spring. Bult also asked if she should start advertising for a full time city employee as Bob Green will be retiring in the spring. Bult mentioned some concerns that were brought to the office: Northwestern pole in drainage ditch on Main, Street repair on Fifth/Main Street, and Highway light poles need to be repainted before they deteriorate.

Police Report - 18 traffic violations with 12 of them being in the school zone, 3 welfare checks, 3 dog at large complaints, 1 juvenile fight in the park, 1 simple assault, 3 agency assist, 2 social media threats, 1 mental health hold, 2 domestic violence calls, 2 dog barking complaints, 2 reports of kids playing in the street.

City Maintenance Employee Report - Getting ready for the snow, Finishing up mowing today and tomorrow, Re-pairing hole on Fifth/Main Street this week, All water is off out at the ballfields, Camp pads are currently still on.

Public Concerns:
Pam Settje, the school librarian extended an invitation to all council members to sign up to read to an elementary class during the Scholastic Book Fair held October 16th – 22nd. Settje also invite everyone to the Library Open House being held on Saturday, October 19th from 10am – 2pm. 

Council Concerns/Committee Reports:
Abbink - Question about EMT’s
Asche - Rocks by the Post Office but city guys have that cleaned up, Excessive amount of wild turkeys in town
Settje - Theatre building damage, Cistern drainage to curb
Bietz - None
Barrett - None
Thum - None

Code Enforcement Officer Update - It was decided to table the topic till we could make contact with another code enforcement specialist in our area for cost comparison.

County Tax Deed Property Update - Mary Jo Bauder, Bon Homme County Commissioner addressed the council regarding the property located at 240 Fourth Street. The county would like to give the property to the city however it is subject to:  $10,000 mortgage, $4,996.80 real estate taxes, $20,798.49 liens and $2,499.63 judgements. At this time the city doesn’t want ownership of the property and has declined the county offer.

Sidewalk/Alley Update - After a brief discussion it was decided to wait for South Dakota ADA to come evaluate the concerned areas.

Open Bids for Restricted Site Use Digging - A quote of $5,000 was received from Maxwell Colony to dig a 20x20x20 hole and to fill when needed.  The cost to knock down a house and remove the rubble will be on a case by case basis depending on size.

Restricted Site Use Fees - After a lengthy discussion it was determined that the committee should gather information and bring back their finding with a recommendation to the council.

Stafford Street Drainage - After a lengthy discussion it was determined that the street committee should meet and further discuss options.

Set meeting date for the November Meeting - The meeting will be on Monday, November 4, 2019 at 5:00pm.

A motion was made by Asche, second by Bietz to enter into executive session at 6:18pm for Personnel as per SDCL 1-25-2 Sub (1). All voted in favor.  Motion carried.

A motion was made by Barrett, second by Bietz to come out of executive session at 6:36pm with no action taken. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Fire Roster - A motion was made by Bietz, second by Abbink that the City of Scotland acknowledges and approves to cover the fire and ambulance volunteers per their rosters as follows.  Firemen: Dick Behl, Bob Green, Mike Mehrer, Tim Furney, Jim Maruska, Sean Barrett, Troy Furney, John Bult, Jeff DeBoer, Michael Behl, Chad Odens, Jared Schortzman, Andy Vitek, Clinton Sieben, Kyle Stewart, Vincent Bickner, Joe Kronaizl, Jared Zweifel, Dillon Fischer, Tanner Suess, Logan Winckler, Fred Settje, Grayden Furney, Jesse Schlechter, and Tristan Bult. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

With no further business to discuss a motion was made by Thum, second by Bietz to adjourn the meeting at 6:38pm. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

                                                                                                                Curtis Hofer, Mayor       

                  Tanya Bult, Finance Officer