Chapter 10.20     Compliance with FCC Franchise Standards

10.2001     FCC Standards

Pursuant to applicable FCC standards, the following recitations and provisions are set forth:

The Grantee’s legal, character, financial, technical and other qualifications, and the adequacy and feasibility of its construction arrangements, have been approved by the City Council of the City of Scotland after consideration in a full public proceeding, affording due process to all interested parties.

The initial franchise period shall be fifteen (15) years in duration, and renewal franchise periods shall also be fifteen (15) years in duration.
The City Council has specified guidelines in charging rates. No changes in rates charged to subscribers shall be made except as they shall be deemed approved by the City Council, as provided herein.

The franchise fee shall be no more than three percent (3%) of the Grantee’s “gross subscriber revenues” per year from cable television operations in the City.




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