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Scotland City Hall

The Scotland City Hall is located at 410 Main Street, Scotland, South Dakota. The public may rent the basement of the city hall for $55 a day, the upstairs of the city hall for $100 a day, and the entire city hall for $150 a day. To rent the city hall or get further information contact the finance officer at the Finance Office located at 530 Juniper Street or call (605) 583-2320.


Since our City Hall Building belongs to the people of the City of Scotland, and is established, maintained, and operated by funds largely provided by local taxes, it is the intention of the city council to protect these assets entrusted to it. The city reserves the right to negotiate separate contracts for any or all uses, to cancel for cause, and such contract without liability, and to determine a suitable rental fee schedule. The administration of this policy shall be carried out under the council’s regulations, and no use shall be contrary to the laws of our state, the ordinances of our city or other policies of the city.


The city contemplates affording use of its facilities to responsible, recognized organizations, associations, agencies, institutions, and individuals of the community for appropriate civic, cultural, or welfare activities which do not infringe on nor interfere with the conduct and best interests of the city.


1.      Written application for a written permit to use city facilities shall be made with the Finance Office.
2.      The Finance Officer will be responsible for maintaining an accurate calendar of all uses of city facilities city

         and community groups.
3.      The Mayor shall recommend to the council for its approval all universal fees for fee-use of the facilities.
4.      Sponsoring organizations shall provide sufficient, competent adult and/or special supervision.
5.      Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in city facilities or on city property, unless the proper permit has

         been acquired from the city council. (Legal Reference: SDCL 35-1-5.3) When alcohol is permitted the

         renter will hire a certified law enforcement officer to patrol their event at his/her own expense. Smoking

         will NOT be allowed in the building.


Charges for the use of the facilities will be in accordance with the attached fee schedule. City facilities may not be used free of charge for private gain.


Putting up decorations, or moving pianos, or other city furniture is prohibited unless special permission is granted by the Mayor or their designee. The use of tacks, nails, tape, or anything that may mark the walls is prohibited                                                                                                                  


It is the City Council’s intentions to grant the use of the City Hall facility under the Mayor’s or their designee’s direction in accordance with the following policy.


All agreements covering the lease of the City Hall, use of facilities, or the rendering of service shall be in writing and on special “Lease Agreement” forms, executed in duplicate by both parties. These rules and regulations shall become a part of such lease agreement.


Included with the regular schedule of rates: Heating, house lighting, and ventilating.


Services in addition to those provided by regular contract will be provided as requested and agreed upon.


The time limit before a function to decorate or set up is 12 hours before rental date unless prior notice or permission has been given. Time limit for clean up after a function is 24 hours unless prior notice of permission has been given. The rental fee for rehearsals or use of the facilities in addition to the regularly scheduled event can be negotiated prior to the event, or will be charges the regular daily rental fee.


The rental fee and a $500 deposit shall be due and payable in advance. Incidental service charges not included in the basic rental are to be paid at the conclusion of the event. Multi-rental groups may make other arrangements for payment though the Mayor or their designee.


Any group using any part of the City Hall will be held responsible for any damages done to the equipment or facilities by members of the group or by others in attendance. A deposit of $500 will be held until cleanup is completed and the City Hall Building Rules check list has been signed by the Mayor, Council Member, or their designee.


This is a NON-SMOKING facility! The sponsoring organization will be responsible for the prevention of smoking in the building. No beer or liquor will be allowed in the City Hall facility. And the sponsoring organization will be expected to prevent drinking on the premise, unless the required permit has been acquired from the City Council (Legal Ref 35-1-5.3). When alcohol is being served the renter will hire a certified law enforcement officer to patrol the event at the renter’s expense.                                                                                          

8.      RATES

All rates not specifically covered in the rate schedule shall be established by special action of the City Council. 


As a result of SDCL 35-1-5.3, effective 7-1-84, the City Council will allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the City Hall when the building facilitates are used for (1) receptions or dances for weddings and anniversaries; (2) a community-wide benefit function; or (3) use by a non-profit organization.

In its application to use the City Hall, the organization shall clearly indicate its intent to have alcoholic beverages at its proposed activity. The City Council shall approve or disapprove each use of alcoholic beverages on a case-by-case basis at a regularly scheduled City Council meeting or approval may be given by the Mayor, President or Vice President of the Council along with their designee until such time as the council would meet.

 The applicant shall state on its application the reason for requesting the use of alcoholic beverages and the anticipated benefit from having alcoholic beverages at its activity.

If approved, the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the City Hall shall be governed by the following conditions:

1.      Alcoholic Malt Beverages may be consumed or blended, but not sold on city property.

2.      The permit period shall not exceed 24 hours, and hours of authorized consumption shall not exceed those

         permitted for on-sale licensed facilities.

3.      The sponsoring organization assumes liability protection for the consumption of alcoholic beverages by all

         individuals at the proposed activity, as provided in the rental agreement.

4.      The sponsoring organization must have the necessary Municipal, County, and State permits.

5.      When alcohol is being served the sponsoring organization will hire a certified law enforcement officer to

         patrol the event at the renter’s expense.