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Rosehill Cemetery

The Scotland Public Works Department is in charge of maintaining Rosehill Cemetery. The City Council decides on additions concerning the cemetery and creating the rules and regulations concerning Rosehill Cemetery.

To purchase a burial space, the prospective buyer should see the City Finance Officer who will check for available spaces in the area the buyer wants. The City Finance Officer will issue a deed to the buyer. Price per single space is $200. The price does include perpetual care.




​An ordinance providing for the care and maintenance of the Rosehill Cemetery.

​WHERE AS, it is necessary to provide for the care and maintenance of Rosehill Cemetery located within

the municipality of the City of Scotland, Bon Homme County, South Dakota, now, therefore,


​Section 1. No graves may be re-dug or re-opened without first notifying and receiving permission to do so from

​                the City Sexton of the City of Scotland, South Dakota.

Section 2. Only one grave marker will be allowed above the ground per grave.

​Section 3. More than one ground marker will be allowed per grave providing that the ground marker is flush

​                with the ground.

​Section 4. The City Sexton will be notified prior to setting of all markers, whether they be ground markers or

                markers which protrude above the ground.

Section 5. Flowers may be set by the graves; however the flowers shall be in close proximity to the headstone,

​                and in holders provided for that purpose at the grave.

Section 6. No glass shall be allowed on or near the grave at any time.

​Section 7. No individual shall plant trees, plants, or shrubs on the gravesites.

​Section 8. No individual shall plant trees, plants, or shrubs within the confines of the City Cemetery without the

​                written permission of the City Sexton.

First Reading: July 6, 1998

Second Reading: August 3, 1998

Approved: August 3, 1998

June 9, 2008 City Council Regular Meeting

​A motion was made to pass and approve a clarification to Ordinance No. 7.01.07 Parks and Grounds at Rosehill Cemetery. If an item is not permanently attached to the Memorial Stone it needs to be removed from the gravesite with the exception during Memorial Day weekend. That includes but not limited to the following: all ornaments, shepherd hooks, and other hardware that is not permanently attached to the Memorial Stone.