South Dakota

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Chapter 11.02     Permits and Requirements for Hauling Refuse

11.0201     License Required

No person, firm or corporation shall engage in the business of collecting or hauling garbage or rubbish from any place in the City without first having been granted a license so to do by the City Council.

11.0202     Application for License

Any person desiring to engage in the business of collecting or hauling garbage or rubbish in the City, shall make application to the Finance Officer for the license required by this section, and shall specifically agree to comply with all of the ordinances of the City and the statutes of the State of South Dakota.  The City Health Officer shall inspect all vehicles to be used by such applicant and, if found to comply with the ordinances, may recommend to the City Council that a license be issued to the applicant as a hauler of garbage or as a hauler of rubbish or both.

He/she shall attach to each approved vehicle a certificate attesting to such inspection and approval which certificate shall contain any use restrictions or conditions deemed necessary in the safe guarding of the health and sanitation of the City by such City Health Officer.  No licensee shall use in his/her business any vehicle, unless the same has been inspected and approved by such City Health Officer.