South Dakota

Chapter 11.03     General Restrictions

11.0301     Garbage Restricted to Containers

No person shall place, throw or deposit or cause, suffer or permit to be placed, thrown or deposited any garbage or rubbish as herein defined, in any street, alley or public ground in the City, except in containers approved by this section.

11.0302     Unauthorized Moving of Rubbish

No person shall move any article over any street or alley within the city unless such article is entirely supported on wheels, except when such operation is specifically authorized by the Street Superintendent.

11.0303     Sanitary Landfill

No person shall place, dump or deposit or cause, suffer or permit to be placed, dumped or deposited, any garbage or rubbish as herein provided, on any part of the City Dumping Grounds, but shall be required to use the Bon Homme County Sanitary Landfill owned and operated by Bon Homme County, South Dakota.

11.0304     Burning Rubbish

Replaced by 11.07

11.0305     Other Rules and Regulations

All other rules and regulations deemed necessary for the proper operation and enforcement of this ordinance shall be made by the Public Health Officer and the City Council and the Board of Health for the City of Scotland, South Dakota.




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