Chapter 12.01     General Provisions

12.0101     Constitutes

The City-owned public utilities of the City of Scotland are the water system and the sewer system. Subject to the supervision of the City Council, they shall be operated by a City appointive officers to be known as the Superintendent of Water and the Superintendent of Sewer. Said Superintendents shall be compensated and appointed in accordance with Sections 2.0202, 2.0204, and 2.0205 of this ordinance. The Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, shall employ such assistants as may be necessary for the regular dispatch of the work and business of this department. Such assistant or assistants shall be under the direct supervision of the Superintendent.

12.0102     Duties of the Superintendent

The duties of the Superintendents Public Utilities, in addition to such other duties as set down by this ordinance or any ordinance hereinafter enacted, shall be as follows:

1)    They shall be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the municipal water and sewer plant and its distribution system in each case.

2)    They shall keep the said public utilities in a good state of repair to the end that service to the public may be interrupted as little as possible.

3)    They shall perform such other duties as the City Council may from time to time prescribe.

12.0103    Contractual Obligation

The rules, regulations, and rates hereinafter enumerated with respect to water and sewers shall be considered a part of the contract with every person, firm or corporation who is benefitted by said utilities, and every such person, firm or corporation shall be considered to express or give their consent to be bound thereby.

Whenever any of the said rules or regulations are violated, the City Council may

discontinue service through one or more than one party be serviced by one sewer or water line, and shall not again receive service until by order of the City Council and upon payment of the expenses of discontinuing and renewing service; and a satisfactory understanding that no further cause of complaint shall arise; and in case of such violation the City Council shall have the right to declare any payment made for the service by the offender committing such violation to be forfeited, and the same shall thereupon be forfeited.



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