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Chapter 15.01     Offenses Against the Peace and Dignity of the City

15.0101     Unlawful and Prohibited offenses

The following acts and things set forth in the respective subdivisions of this section are hereby declared to be unlawful and prohibited within the corporate limits of the City of Scotland:

1)    to engage in a fight, or to encourage others to fight;

2)    to commit assault, or assault and battery;

3)    to create a disturbance;

4)    to be guilty of disorderly conduct;

5)    to carry concealed weapons or to threaten bodily harm with any instrument likely to produce bodily harm;

6)    to obtain intoxicating liquor by fraud or false representations as to the purpose for which and the person for whom obtained;

7)    to collect in groups of two or more persons for unlawful purposes;

8)    to use sling shots or air guns;

9)    to appear in public in a state of nudity or to indulge in any indecent, lewd, or lascivious conduct or behavior or to commit any indecent, wanton, or filthy act in the presence or hearing of any person or to use vile, profane or vulgar language in public, in the hearing of any other person;

10)  for any person of the male sex to make any impudent, insulting or licentious advance or salutation to any female person upon the public ways;

11)  to misrepresent an officer of the law;

12)  for any intoxicating liquor licensee to sell any intoxicating liquor or beer or wine, to any person who is intoxicated at the time or is known to such seller to be a habitual drunkard or to any person whom he/she had been requested not to sell to by any police or peace officer, wife, mother, husband, father, brother, sister, or child of such person or to any spendthrift, insane or feeble-minded person or to any person who is known to be supported in whole or in part by a charitable institution or association; PROVIDED, however, that such request not to sell must be made in writing and filed with the Chief of Police who shall have all licensees affected endorse thereon notice of personal service upon them;

13)  for any person under the age of sixteen (16) years to be abroad upon the streets or public grounds or alleys of the City of Scotland, between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am, unless accompanied by some person of lawful age having said person in their charge, or unless upon some errand by permission or direction of the person’s parent, guardian or employer;

14)  for minors to frequent or be permitted by licensees to frequent places where intoxicating liquor is sold; and

15)  for any railroad company, railroad engineer, train conductor, or other person to cause or allow any locomotive engine, car or cars, or train of cars to stop at or remain upon any street or railroad crossing within this City for a longer period that five (5) minutes at any one time; provided, however, that in case any accident at such crossing reasonable time should be allowed to remove any obstruction that shall be caused thereby.