South Dakota

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Chapter 4.03     Slaughter of Animals

4.0301     Prohibited

Buying, selling, and slaughter of animals within the City of Scotland is prohibited, unless application in writing is first submitted to the governing body of said City, which shall have the right and power to designate the location thereof and to regulate the conducting of such business in all respects.

4.0302     Regulations

It shall be lawful for any person or persons or corporation, now engaged, or in the future to be engaged, in the slaughter of animals within the City of Scotland, for the sale of such slaughtered animals to the general public or for shipment within or without the State of South Dakota, to operate and conduct such plants or quarters as may be necessary in said City for the purpose herein indicated.

4.0304     Maintenance of Businesses

Such plants or quarters to be uses aforesaid, shall at all times be kept clean and sanitary in all respects and free from odor.  In the event of failure to do so, such places will constitute an offensive and unwholesome business and will be deemed a nuisance.

4.0305     Permit Requirements

Before engaging in the business herein described, the operator(s) of such business shall make application to the City Council of said city for a written permit to engage in said business, and if the Council shall see fit to grant the  application, Finance Officer is hereby instructed to issue the appropriate permit.

Each operator shall, before being granted said permit, obtain a license to conduct or operate the business herein designated and shall pay to said Finance Officer the sum of twenty-five dollars ($25) yearly to obtain from the Finance Officer a license to conduct the business.