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The regular meeting of the City of Scotland was called to order by Council President Randy Thum at 5:00pm on Monday, January 10, 2022. The following council members answered to roll call Randy Abbink, Tim Asche, Jerry Nelson, Dennis Bietz and Sean Barrett (5:02pm). Others present were Finance Officer Tanya Bult, City Maintenance Chris Simantel and Tristan Bult, Peggy Schelske, Sella Taylor, Steve Flett, and Mayor Curtis Hofer (via phone).

A motion was made by Bietz, second by Abbink to approve the agenda. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Abbink, second by Nelson to approve the minutes of last month’s regular meeting and special meetings. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Nelson, second by Bietz to approve the bills. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

City Bills Presented:
AFLAC     Employee Insurance     $281.90
AUCH PLUMBING     Weidenbach - Repair Curb Stop     $162.69
B-Y WATER DISTRICT     5,950,000 Gallons     $18,562.00
BLACKBURN & STEVENS, PROF     Attorney Fees     $52.50
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Finance Officer      $3,015.54
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Library      $600.87
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Police/Code Enforcement     $710.16
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Streets     $2,527.24
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Water       $3,361.81
DAKOTA DATA SHRED     Equipment Rental     $16.00
DAKOTA PUMP INC     First Street Lift Station     $4,047.58
DAKOTA PUMP INC     Conklin Street Lift Station     $423.47
DANR     2022 Discharge Permit     $850.00
FIRST CHIROPRACTIC CENTER     Consortiem Fee - DOT Program     $145.00
GOLDEN WEST COMMUNICATIONS     Phone, Internet, Fax     $423.99
INDEED, INC     Help Wanted Ad - Police     $149.10
IRS     Employee Withholding     $2,971.59
KENT LEHR     Attorney Fees     $105.00
KRONAIZL INSURANCE     Fire/EMS Insurance     $10,590.00
KRONAIZL INSURANCE     City Commercial Insurance     $27,859.00
LYLE STEWART     Water Deposit Refund     $50.00
MAIN STOP     Gasoline, Ice     $143.90
MARKS MACHINERY     Skid Steer - Seal, O-Ring     $28.20
MYERS SANITATION     3 City Dumpsters - Bimonthly     $315.00
MYERS SANITATION     Residential Garbage Service     $5,707.07
NORTHWESTERN ENERGY     Electricity, Natural Gas     $6,786.03
ONE OFFICE SOLUTION     Office Supplies     $207.22
PITNEY BOWES LLC     Postage Machine Lease     $167.34
P&D DISTRICT III     2022 Membership Dues     $1,567.00
PURCHASE POWER     Postage      $604.50
SCOTLAND HARDWARE     Repairs, Maint, Supplies     $99.42
SCOTLAND JOURNAL     Notices, Ads     $423.90
SCOTLAND OIL     Diesel, Gasoline, Filters, Tires     $443.29
SCOTLAND REDI-MIX     Backhoe - Lyn Wagner     $663.26
SCOTLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT     Overdrive (downloadable books)     $550.00
SD DEPT OF REVENUE     Sales Tax: Camping, Garbage     $387.75
SD DEPT OF REVENUE     Samples: Water, Sewer     $74.00
SD RETIREMENT     Employee Retirement     $1,213.90
TANYA BULT     Reimburse: Cop AVG (1yr)     $74.54
TRISTAN BULT     Reimburse: Generator Shut Off Solenoid     $40.00

TYNDALL NAPA     Acetylene Refill     $91.15
US BANK TRUST     Loan: Drinking Water #1     $2,791.53
US BANK TRUST     Loan: Clean Water #2     $10,523.60
VERIZON     Broadband: Police, Water     $80.02
VISION SERVICE PLAN     Employee Vision Insurance     $26.13
WELLMARK BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD     Employee Health Insurance     $2,278.41

Ambulance Bills Presented:
AMBILL ASSOCIATES     Claims     $910.00
AMBULANCE WAGES     On Call / Trips     $450.65
CASH SMART     Debriefing Supplies     $67.20
IRS     Employee Withholding     $143.20
MATHESON TRI-GAS INC     Oxygen     $52.70

Finance Officer’s Report - In December, 24 notices of intent to disconnect service letters were mailed out with none being disconnected. Fifth grade teacher, Mrs Haberman presented a petition to the finance office just prior to the meeting. The petition was signed by students and teachers asking the city not to cut down the trees in the park.

City Maintenance Report - Berndts will be in town Tuesday to finish up removing trees and stumps at the park. They have been taking samples from the lagoon and lift stations to help determine what is going on. Danny from rural water agrees with Murtha regarding the lagoon. They stated we do have a second option but would like to try less invasive steps first. The city guys hauled out three loads of trees from Jim Maruska’s property on Third Street. Council agreed to get bids for a new payloader. Simantel is completely certified in everything the city requires.

Council Concerns/Committee Reports:
Abbink - Status of an emergency alert system.
Asche - Status on code enforcement efforts.
Nelson - None.
Bietz - None.
Barrett - Status of the sign replacement program.
Thum - Receiving concerns why the city won’t allow the school to continue use of recess at the park. The city has absolutely no problem with the school using the park for a playground.

Baseball Field Bleachers - It was agreed upon to have the bleacher company come and give quotes. It will be broken down into two quotes: one for just the replacement of the visitor section and one for the grand stand plus visitor section. After quotes are received the city will visit with the athletic association regarding the project.

Water Meter Update - The last of the meters are scheduled to be install January 13th-15th. The new water meter system reports continuous flow with 24 residences being contacted for possible leaking water.

Water/Sewer ordinance - The current interpretation of the water/sewer ordinance will remain as is.

Wage Schedule - 2022 City Officials/Employee Wage Schedule-As described in SDCL 6-1-10, each municipality must publish a complete list of employee’s salaries with the proceedings of the first meeting of the year.  A motion was made by Bietz to accept the below listed wage schedule, second by Abbink.  All voted in favor.  Motion carried. 

The 2022 salary and wage schedule for the City of Scotland is as follows:


Mayor                                                                          $600 quarterly, plus $50/meeting/special meeting
     Curtis Hofer

Council                                                                        $250 quarterly, plus $50/meeting/special meeting
     Randy Abbink, Tim Asche, Sean Barrett, Dennis Bietz, Jerry Nelson, Randy Thum

Finance Officer - Full-time                                                                
     Tanya Bult *                                                                                   $20.00 per hour

Head Librarian - Part-time                                                                
     Tanya Bult                                                                                      $10.25 per hour

Library Assistant - Part-time                                                              
     Tina VanDriel                                                                                 $11.55 per hour
     Billie Jo Hays                                                                                 $11.25 per hour
     Julia Dangel                                                                                   $10.25 per hour                                 

Maintenance/ Certified Water/ Sewer Operator - Full-time                       
     Chris Simantel *                                                                             $18.50 per hour

Maintenance/ Water/ Sewer Operator - Full-time               
     Tristan Bult *                                                                                   $16.50 per hour

Police Officer - Part-time                                                                     $18.00 per hour
     Brian Humphrey   

*Full Time Employees: Health Care, Vision, Retirement, $50 Cell Phone Reimbursement per Month

City Election - A motion was made by Abbink, second by Nelson to set the 2022 municipal election date for Tuesday, April 12, 2022 from 7am to 7pm.  All voted in favor.  Motion carried.

Lift Stations - The contract with Dakota Pump for annual inspections is due. The cost is $350 for the first lift station and $300 for each additional. Simantel feels at this time the city would be better off having Benders cleaning the lift stations yearly and calling Dakota Pump as needed.

Work Comp Roster - Volunteers for the Scotland Fire Department and the Scotland Ambulance Service were updated. It is the intent of the Scotland City Council to cover these volunteers for work comp purposes. The rosters are on file at the City Finance Office. A motion was made by Nelson, second by Asche to approve the Scotland Fire Department and Scotland Ambulance Service rosters and Work Comp coverage for all volunteers listed on the rosters. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Municipal Government Day - This is being held on a Tuesday and Wednesday which is February 1st and February 2nd. Those that can attend are encouraged to do so. The deadline to register is the 25th of January so Finance Officer Bult will check with everyone before that deadline.

Public Street Parking - Residents have been contacting the city as parents after school are parking on personal property along the alley to pick-up their children. Parents are voicing their concern as to where they are supposed to park as space is limited. The garbage service has troubles with the access to the residents garbage cans. After some discussion the council has decided that there will be 15 minute parking along Juniper Street just north of the school during school hours of 8am - 4pm.

Police Officer - The city has been holding interviews for several months. Last month two applicants were offered the position. One applicant declined and the other one disappeared. The council is planning to setup more interviews in the coming week. One of the big issues that has emerged is does the officer have to live in Scotland. Would the city be willing to allow them to live 30 plus miles away. The employee manual states all employees must live within city limits.

Water Tower Controls - Golden West informed the city that the water tower is currently on analog. The city is required to update the system which is about $19,000. The project is scheduled to start in the spring.

Set meeting date for the February Meeting - The meeting will be on Monday, February 7, 2022 at 5pm.

A motion was made by Bietz, second by Abbink to enter into executive session at 5:56pm for Personnel as per SDCL 1-25-2 Sub (1). All voted in favor.  Motion carried.

A motion was made by Bietz, second by Nelson to come out of executive session at 6:18pm with no action taken. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

With no further business to discuss a motion was made by Abbink, second by Nelson to adjourn the meeting at 6:19pm. All voted in favor. Motion carried.
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Tanya Bult, Finance Officer                                                                 Randy Thum, Council President