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The Library Board meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Gemar at 7:03pm on Monday, July 24, 2023. The following board members were present Damon Mogck, Dennis Bietz, Rachel Starwalt and Kristyn Walloch. Those board members absent were Kim Abbink. Others present were Billie Jo Hays, Fallon Woods and Tanya Bult. The May 22, 2023 meeting was not held due to no quorum.

Nick Smith has resigned from the Library board effective May 2023.

The February minutes were reviewed with a correction to the treasurer’s report from $6,246.40 to $6,646.40. A motion was made by Mogck and second by Walloch to approve the minutes with correction. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Statistics - Second quarter monthly statistics were reviewed.

Treasurer Report - Balance of $6,646.40 as of July 2023.

Library Board - No Library Board updates at this time. Applied but waiting on accreditation ruling held in September.

City Library Director Updates - Billie Jo and Tanya attended Library Institute June 4-9 in Aberdeen. Summer Reading Program is in session being held on Thursday mornings in July.

School Librarian Updates - No report available at this time.

Library Hours - A motion was made by Walloch, second by Mogck to approve the hours of Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-10:30am and 12:45pm-3:30pm open to the public during school hours. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Libby App - Mogck asked for reports from Libby regarding numbers and usage.

Hours Sign - Since the school hours could change year to year it was decided to get a quote from the colony.

Chairs - A sitting area was discussed by the entrance for adult patrons. It was suggested to check with Menno’s city/school library on the cost and place of purchase of their chairs.

Public Concerns - No public concerns at this time.

Next meeting date is set for Monday, August 28, 2023 at 7pm.

With no further business to discuss a motion was made by Bietz, second by Starwalt to adjourn the meeting at 7:44pm. All voted in favor. Motion carried.                                                                               

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