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The regular meeting of the City of Scotland was called to order by Mayor Curtis Hofer at 5:02 pm on Monday, June 6, 2016. The following council members answered to roll call Tim Asche, Joe Bouza, Randy Thum, Ron Dvorak, and Sean Barrett.  Those council members absent were H. Victor Settje. Others present were Finance Officer Tanya Bult, City Maintenance Employees Bob Green and Ray Beecher, Chief of Police Kirk McCormick, Peggy Schelske, Damon Alvey, Tim Furney, and Mike Mehrer.  The minutes of last month’s meeting was approved upon a motion made by Thum, second by Barrett. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Finance Officer’s Report - In May forty-five notices of intent to disconnect service letters were mailed out with one being disconnected. May’s water percentage loss was 4%. Bult has had numerous inquiries how she comes up with the water loss percentage. She invites all parties to stop by the office and would be happy to explain the process to them. May Building Permits: Lester Muehlbeier, Steps & Deck; Barb Ekeren, Shingles; H. Victor Settje, 12x16 Shed. A thank you from the Scotland Youth Center was presented. The bills were presented and a motion was made by Bouza, second by Asche to approve the bills.  All voted in favor. Motion carried.

City Bills Presented By:
AFLAC     Employee Insurance     $373.51
B-Y WATER DISTRICT     4,871,000 Gallons     $15,217.10
BOB GREEN     Reimbursement - Supplies     $88.93
BRIAN HUMPHREY     Water Deposit Refund     $16.85
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Finance Office     $1,970.09
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Library     $918.58
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Police     $2,356.80
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Rubble Site     $341.50
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Sewer     $1,419.93
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Streets     $1,857.34
CITY EMPLOYEE WAGES     Summer Maintenance     $404.56
CITY OF SCOTLAND     Water Deposit Refund     $227.86
COOP FARMERS ASSOCIATION     Ball Park & Pay loader     $198.91
DAKOTA FENCE     Pool Benches (4)     $1,775.00
EMERGENCY CARE COUNCIL     1/2 on EMT Call Pay     $144.00
FISCHER ELECTRIC     Water Level Alarm     $74.66
FLOWERS & MORE     10 City Planters     $395.00
GIEDD SANITATION     Residential Garbage Service     $5,160.00
GOLDEN WEST COMMUNICATIONS     Phone, Internet, and Fax     $637.03
GREEN AUTO REPAIR     Bearings     $220.00
HAWKINS, INC     Pool Chemicals     $4,126.55
IRS     Employee Withholding     $2,811.87
KARA VEHAR     Library Supplies     $208.00
KEVIN KOCER     Water Deposit Refund     $30.29
KIRK MCCORMICK     Reimbursement: Cell Phone     $50.00
KRONAIZL INSURANCE     Auto Insurance     $671.00
MC&R POOLS     Pool Supplies     $421.23
MAIN STOP     Gasoline     $475.95
MYERS SANITATION     March, April, May, June - Dumpsters     $280.00
NASASP     Annual Membership Dues     $39.00
NORTHWESTERN ENERGY     Electricity / Natural Gas     $5,295.19
PITNEY BOWES LLC     Postage Machine Lease     $194.10
PURCHASE POWER     Postage      $604.50
SCHUURMANS FARM SUPPLY     Spring, SMTC Deck Drive     $41.39
SCOTLAND HARDWARE     Repairs/Maintenance & Supplies     $188.24
SCOTLAND JOURNAL     Notices      $400.26
SCOTLAND YOUTH CENTER     Donation     $2,200.00
SCOTTIE STOP     Gasoline     $240.68
SD DENR     Drinking Water Fee     $380.00
SD DEPT OF REVENUE - LICENSE PLATES     Title Issuance Fee     $5.00
SD DEPT OF REVENUE - SALES TAX     Sales Tax - Garbage & Camping     $343.67
SD DEPT OF REVENUE - WATER SAMPLE     Samples - Water & Sewer     $228.00
SD MUNICIPAL LEAGUE     Budget Training     $25.00
SD ONE CALL     Line Locates - April     $12.32
SD RETIREMENT     Employee Retirement     $1,494.80
SUPPLEMENTAL RETIREMENT     Supplemental Employee Retirement     $680.00
TATE REINER     1/2 Lifeguard Training Fee     $107.50
TYNDALL NAPA     Supplies     $19.64
US POSTMASTER     Postal Box for Library     $52.00
VERIZON     Mobile Broadband     $40.01
WELLMARK BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD     Employee Health Insurance     $2,745.97
YANKTON JANITORIAL SUPPLY     Restroom Supplies     $520.50

Ambulance Bills Presented By:
A-OX WELDING SUPPLY     Oxygen     $171.59
AMBILL ASSOCIATION     Billed 8 Claims     $280.00
AMBULANCE WAGES     On Call / Trips     $777.47
COOP FARMERS     Diesel     $32.75
IRS     Employee Withholding     $135.41
JIM MARUSKA     Meal Reimbursement     $18.78
SCOTLAND HARDWARE     Supplies     $14.47
SCOTLAND OIL     Diesel     $52.50 

S.A.A. Bills Presented By:
RETTEDAL'S     Uniforms & T-Shirts     $1,219.01
SCOTLAND HARDWARE     Supplies     $81.16
WYATT ADAM     Helmet     $42.39

Chief of Police - Traffic Enforcement - Speed: 2; Seatbelt: 2; Others: 1. Responded to - Suspicious: 1; Animal: 1; Public Assist: 2; Misc: 8; School: 1; Parking: 1; Alarm: 1; Noise Disturbance: 1; Agency Assist: 2; Runaway: 1; Unlicensed Solicitors: 1; Theft by Exploitation: 1; Crash: 1. Reports - Crash: 2; Runaway Recovered in California; False Report of an Assault to a Minor; Damage to Trees at City Park; Theft by Exploitation; Disorderly Conduct; Vandalism Simple Assault; Warrant Arrest.  Arrests - Warrant; False Report; Disorderly Conduct, Intentional Property Damage, Simple Assault.  Code Enforcement - Opened: 12. Closed: 24 * Multiple properties were brought into compliance before I spoke with them.

City Maintenance Employee Report - Topkote will be coming to do the mill work, the rain has delayed and put them behind schedule. They will be removing the remainder of the flowers from the cemetery tomorrow Tuesday, June 7, 2016. As advertised in the paper, today in the final day to have them out in honor of Memorial Day. Sprayed twice for mosquitos and each time they spray it costs approximately $550. They have placed mosquito pucks in drains and water standing around.

Council Concerns/Committee Reports:
Bouza - Alleys to businesses need more gravel or to be cut deeper.
Thum - Alleys need repair however Golden West will be putting fiber optic in next summer which will affect the
             alleys. Cemetery needs some up keep such as dirt for settling graves and filling in ruts due to the wet   
Dvorak - Smell in town over the weekend from Poet was unbearable.
Barrett - Corner by Second and Williams Street Storm Sewer. Trees and/or bushes in the city right-of-way.
Asche - None

Code Enforcement Committee - Last meeting Mayor Hofer requested the code enforcement committee to drive around town and note properties that need to be addressed for any code enforcement violations. Bouza gave his documented properties to Officer McCormick. Dvorak feels an outside code enforcement individual would be a huge benefit. The city will contact the gentleman from Beresford to obtain more details.

Daily Malt Beverage Permit Request - Pam Godlevsky requested a special event daily malt beverage license for June 16, June 30, July 8, July 15, and July 17, 2016 for the Town Team Baseball games being held at Glen Baker Field. A motion was made by Dvorak, second by Thum to approve the Special Event Daily Malt Beverage License request. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Transfer Malt Beverage License - A motion was made by Barrett, second by Asche to approve the transfer of the on-off sale malt beverage license from RF Buche d/b/a/ Buche Foods to Mark and Pam Mora d/b/a Ramp Plus LLC. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Athletic Association - A motion was made by Thum, second by Dvorak to grant permission to the Scotland Athletic Association to block off Sixth Street between Poplar and Cherry Street on June 26th for sports day. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Chamber/Rotary - Damon Alvey spoke on behalf of the Rotary and Chamber. They are considering a memorial rock with a plaque on it honoring John Stafford who donated the land where the park, pool, ball fields, trap shoot, football field, and rodeo grounds are placed today. The memorial rock would be positioned behind the bleachers at the little ball field facing Sixth street. A motion was made by Thum, second by Asche to allow the rock to be placed on the cement slab currently there and donate city time and pay loader to bring the rock to the location. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Park/Pool/Recreation Maintenance:
Basketball courts - The basketball hoop backboards at the basketball court need to be replaced and maintained. The city guys stated that they replaced the wood of one backboard just today. The north end basketball hoop backboard still needs to be painted. Various questions were brought up; it was then decided to table till July meeting so the backboards could be looked into further.

Park - The school student council was considering upgrading the walking path and a few steel exercise pieces to the park. Similar to the stations that were in the park years ago, but those were made of wood and eventually deteriorated. The matter was tabled until Damon Alvey was able to put together a plan to show the council.    

It was also mentioned that several trees need to be trimmed up in the park. Kids are hanging on the branches and ruining them.

Pool - The benches have been a positive feature. The security cameras are up and working excellent. Tim Furney inquired about getting a slide back at the pool. After looking into new slides from M.C. & R. and Natural Structures some price quotes were received ranging from $65,000 to $150,000. Furney mentioned fundraising for a slide seeing as the city didn’t have the funds. Bult was to contact area towns to see what they have, where they purchased it, and how much did it cost along with pros and cons. It was suggested to purchase basketball hoops to give the kids something to do verses purchasing a slide at this time. Topic of discussion took a turn to the equipment that needed to be maintained and repaired at the pool. The council requested a prioritized list of repairs needed at the pool with approximate cost. Other questions as how much is expended on the  pool and how much is generated in was asked. In 2015 expenses were $32,622.35 and revenue was $5,089.84.

6:09 pm Damon Alvey and Mike Mehrer left the meeting.

6:20 pm Tim Furney left the meeting.

Budget Training - The SDML will hold a regional budget training on July 14 in Sioux Falls. The one-day training will provide elected officials and finance officers the tools they need to create and maintain the annual municipal budget. Attendees will learn about available resources, preparation and timelines for completion of the budget, on-going monitoring, contingency transfer and supplemental appropriation. A motion was made by Dvorak, second by Bouza to approve the registration fee for Tanya Bult, Tim Asche, and Randy Thum to attend the budget training. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Elected Official - The 2016 Elected Officials Workshop is to be held in Pierre on July 20th.  This one-day training is packed with sessions that will be valuable to newly elected officials as well as those that have previously been in office. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a basic crash course on local government. A motion was made by Dvorak, second by Asche to approve the registration fee for Tim Asche, Joe Bouza, Sean Barrett, and Randy Thum to attend the elected officials workshop. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Missouri Recycling & Waste Management - The Management Board at their May 3rd meeting held at the District’s landfill, adopted Resolution #2016-1 that would decrease the number of Management Board delegates from eight (two per county) down to one delegate (one per county).  These four county commission appointed delegates, along with the chairman, vice chairman, and secretary/treasurer would constitute the Management Board that conducts the day-to-day operations of the landfill during the year. 


WHEREAS, Southern Missouri Recycling & Waste Management District, a South Dakota Political Subdivision, has adopted its Resolution #2016-1 which reduces the Management Board of the said District from eleven elected members to seven elected members; and

WHEREAS, it was necessary for the Full Member Board consisting of the 21 municipalities and four counties making up said District to ratify and confirm and agree to the reduction of the District’s Management Board from eleven members to seven members;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Scotland hereby ratifies, confirms and agrees to the reduction of the District’s Management Board as stated above.

Dated this 6th day of June, 2016.

                                                                                                CITY OF SCOTLAND
                                                                                                By:  ______________________________________

By:  _____________________________________
       Finance Officer

Said Resolution was moved for adoption by Thum, seconded by Barrett and upon due discussion thereon, was adopted by the City Council of Scotland at the June 6, 2016, meeting of the said City Council, there being a quorum present at said meeting. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Planning & Development District III - A motion was mad by Thum, second by Asche to sign a statement of extension indicating Scotland’s intention to join District III as a member for 2017. This motion further assures that Scotland obligates itself to financial support of the District III program for the 2017 year in the amount of $1425. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Fire/EMT Roster - A motion was made by Dvorak, second by Thum to acknowledge and approve the current  firemen (Dick Behl, Bob Green, Craig Herrboldt, Mike Mehrer, Tim Furney, Jim Maruska, Sean Barrett, Troy Furney, John Bult, Jeff DeBoer, Michael Behl, Chad Odens, Jared Schortzman, Bryan Hubbard, Jonathon Vehar, Calby Auch, Andy Vitek, Clinton Sieben, Kyle Stewart, Vincent Bickner, Joe Kronaizl, Dexter Grosz, Jared Zweifel, Dillon Fischer, Tanner Suess, and Logan Winckler) and the current EMT’s (Dick Behl, Michael Behl, Patty Diede, Shellly Gibbins, Jim Maruska, Steve Maruska, Colleen Ridgway, Mariah Roth, and Tammy Rueb)rosters per the SDML Work Comp Regulations. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Set meeting date for the July Meeting - The July council meeting will be on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

Surplus Property - A motion was made by Thum, second by Barrett to declare the 1995 Ford F150 Pickup surplus property as scrap metal due to the truck deemed unsafe. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

With no further business to discuss a motion was made by Asche, second by Thum to adjourn the meeting at 6:33 pm. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

                                                                                                                Curtis Hofer, Mayor       

                     Tanya Bult, Finance Officer